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Contact +1-844-443-3244 Unable to add signature in AOL Email

AOL allows its users to make their email signature. An email signature is necessary to send official emails. It is an identity of a person or a firm. It is small information attached at the end of a message. An email signature can be included in the new messages, replies, forward, etc. It contains the name and contact details, logo, website URL and additional email addresses. Contact AOL Email Support for any Help AOL users can create their signature by following the below steps: Click the “Options” link (close to the top right) and choose “Settings” from the menuThe “General” section would load.Move to “Compose” by clicking on its link.Put a check on the “Use Rich Text / HTML editing” box.Now click on “No Signature” and select “Use signature”This opens a large text box with a toolbar at the top. It is in this box that we will compose our email signature.Now first put in the text for the email signature and then start playing with the icons in the toolbar.To bold some text, select it …