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HP is the most innovative and most prominent brand for printing and imaging devices. when it comes to printer manufacturing, no one beats HP. HP is reinventing print job by manufacturing high performance and advanced printers for home, and office use. In addition, HP provides 24*7 customer support for HP Printer via HP Printer Tech Support Phone Number +1-844-443-3244 and online chat as well. Sometimes, users face some technical issue while printing/scanning documents such as slow printing problem and workflow logjam. These issues generally occur due to improper functioning of printer’s firmware or hardware. So, resetting your printer can resolve all types of slow printing issues. Here we are providing a quick method to reset HP printer. Though, you can also contact HP Printer Tech Support Phone Number for better assistance if you don’t want to spend your time in understanding technical stuff on how to reset HP Printers. Our HP support technicians easily identify your problem and fix the issue immediately just in few minutes.
Steps to Reset HP Printer
Resetting HP Printer help you all the common problems with your printer such as slow printing issue, workflow logjam, bad quality output, setup and configuration issues, alignment and functionality problem, spooler problem etc. here’s how to reset HP Printer.
Step 1: Turn on your HP printer.
Step 2: wait for few minutes until your printer is idle and silent before you proceed further.
Step 3: In order to Reset HP Printer, disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer without turning off your printer.
Step 4: Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet too.
Step 5: Wait for about 60 seconds.
Step 6: Plug the power cord back directly to the wall outlet.
Step 7: Now, Reconnect the power cord to the printer (rear of the printer).
Step 8: turn on the printer.
Step 9: Sit back and wait until the printer is idle and silent before you start performing the print task.
That’s it! You’ve successfully reset your HP Printer. Now, you can try printing a document to check if the problem is fixed. In case the problem still persists, you may call HP Printer technical support for assistance. Our HP Printer tech Support executives are available 24*7 on HP Printer Technical Support +1-844-443-3244. We carefully listen to all HP Printer related queries of our customers and provide an appropriate solution to fix the problem immediately. So, if you’re in need of Hp Printer Technical support, feel free to call us on our Printer support number whenever you want.


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