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AOL Desktop Gold has changed the way of traditional emailing service by inventing a new all in one desktop software. In previous days people use to access emails and other web-based services via a web browser. But from now, AOL has invented a new tool called AOL Desktop Gold that combines all the web-based services such as web-browsing, emailing, searching, news headlines, instant messaging, entertainment services, gaming service, etc into one single tool. Hence, by installing AOL desktop Gold on your computer, you won’t need to launch separate applications for accessing different kinds of web services; AOL Desktop Gold allows you access all those services using a single tool. You can Download AOL Desktop Gold from the official AOL website.
The latest AOL Desktop is faster and advanced but many users have reported the slow running problem with AOL Desktop Gold. So many of our clients ask questions like “my AOL Gold software is running too slow, how can I fix it?” “My AOL Desktop Gold in not responding, what should I do?”, “I’m facing slow performance issue on my AOL Desktop Gold, how do I fix it?”, etc. Therefore, we are sharing this helpful guide on how to fix AOL Desktop Gold slow running issue. So, if you’re facing the same issue, keep reading this post and follow simple steps to get rid of AOL Gold slow running issue on your computer. However, you can also contact AOL Gold support +1-844-443-3244 for immediate resolution of your problem.
Methods to troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold running slow problem
Update your system software
You might face slow running issue due to improper functioning of the operating system on your device. Therefore, updating your operating system or system software might solve your slow running issue with AOL Desktop Gold software.
Update device driver
Device drivers establish a communication path between hardware and software hence if your device driver does not perform well, you’ll face the performance issue on your machine. Try updating your device driver and let see if it fixes the problem.
Run a security scan
Running a security scan will remove all unwanted threats and will fix some common issues with your system. It also removes junk files from your system. So, we recommend you to run a security scan on your computer to fix the slow performance issue.
 Uninstall and Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold software
It is possible that your AOL Desktop is not properly installed and configured in the right way. Therefore, if you’ve tried all the previous method but the AOL Gold software is still running slow then you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall it properly in order to enjoy the fast and secure services of AOL Desktop Gold. You can read our article on how to install AOL Desktop Gold properly.

So, this is how do you fix AOL Desktop Gold running slow problem. You can boost the performance of AOL Desktop Gold by trying the above troubleshooting methods. In case you’re not a tech savvy and don’t want to spend your time in understanding above troubleshooting methods, you still have one option left in your list. You can contact AOL Gold customer support for help. AOL Gold customer support officer will identify your problem and will kick out all the issues from your systems so that you can enjoy all the service of AOL desktop Gold easily. You may reach AOL Gold support Experts by dialing AOL Desktop Gold Software Number +1-844-443-3244right when you need.

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