How to import personal information on AOL Desktop Gold software

AOL Desktop Gold is something that combines all the web-based services including email services, web browsing, searching, IM conversations, trending videos and much more in a single interface. Since, last few years, AOL has become more popular because of its updated services and premium security. The latest AOL Desktop Gold is equipped with smart security and anti-keylogging mechanisms so that users can navigate to their online world seamlessly without worrying about the data security. Users can get AOL Gold Download Link from the official website of AOL.
Worried about importing your personal information on AOL Desktop Gold? You are at the right place! This article explains how to import your personal information on AOL Desktop Gold software. So, if you’re looking for the same, please keep reading this article and follow the step by step procedure.
Importing personal information was a little difficult if we talk about the earlier version of AOL Desktop software. But with the latest version of AOL Gold, it has become the easiest task as the new version comes with an inbuilt filing system that lets you store and organize your personal information, email data, bookmarks, and toolbars right on your computer’s hard drive. You can easily import and export your personal information using this inbuilt filing system of AOL Desktop Gold. Here’s how to do so.
Steps to import personal information, toolbar icons, and email preferences on AOL Desktop Gold
Step 1: Launch AOL Desktop Gold on your computer.
Step 2: Sign in with your AOL email account credential or screen name.
Step 3: Go to the File menu appears at the top left corner of the screen
Step 4: Select the option Import Wizard
Step 5: Click OK to start the importing your data.
Step 6: Click OK on the next window to confirm that you really want to import your information.
Step 7: Wait until it imports everything and then closes it after the completion.
So, this is how do you import personal information, email data, and toolbar icons from the previous version of AOL Desktop software to AOL Desktop Gold. You can import everything you want once you install AOL Desktop Gold on your computer. In case if you encounter any error while importing your personal information on AOL Gold, feel free to contact us on AOL Gold Download number +1-844-443-3244 for instant help and support. Our AOL Gold support officer will guide you through the process and you’ll be able to import your personal information within no time.


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