How to Import Your Personal Information from the Old AOL Desktop Software to AOL Desktop Gold?

If you’ve been using AOL mail for a long time, you must be family with AOL Desktop Software. It was an amazing all in one tool for accessing web-based contents such as email services, web browser, entertainment videos and much more at one place. Recently, AOL Desktop software has switched all its services to a brand new, centralized, fast, and more secure tool called AOL Desktop Gold. The latest AOL Desktop Gold software is equipped with many advanced and high-tech features in order to provide you a better experience of AOL services. It comes with a protective shield and an anti-keylogging feature to protect your personal information as you go online. So, what are you waiting for? Download AOL Desktop Gold using the official AOL Gold Download link and navigate to your AOL world seamlessly with a brand new fast, simple, and centralized tool. In case you find any trouble in AOL Gold download install, feel free to call us on AOL Desktop Gold support number +1-844-443-3244 right when you need.
Importing Your Personal Information to AOL Desktop Gold
The latest AOL Gold software comes with a secure and simple filing system that lets you store and manage your email directly on your computer hard drive so that you can read your received email even without connecting to the internet (it stores a local copy of incoming emails on your hard drive). It also lets you import your personal information from an older version of AOL Desktop software. That means you don’t have to worry about your old account preferences, stored usernames, and password, toolbar icons, etc while switching to the new AOL Desktop Gold software. AOL Gold provides an easy way to import information from an older version of AOL Desktop. Here’s how to do so.
Step 1: Launch AOL Desktop Gold on your computer.
Step 2: Sign in with your account credentials.
Step 3: Click the File option from the menu appeared at the Top-left corner.
Step 4: Click Import Wizard.
Step 5: Click OK at the bottom of the import window.
Step 6: Once the information is successfully imported, click OK to close the import wizard window.
This is how to import your personal information from the old AOL Desktop Software to AOL Desktop Gold. Now, you can enjoy all the old preferences on your latest AOL Desktop Gold. In case you find any trouble in importing your personal information, you still have an option to contact AOL Desktop Gold support for help. The AOL Gold Download Support executive will guide you through the process of importing personal data and preferences on AOL Desktop Gold. You may talk to AOL support executives at any hour of the day by dialing AOL Desktop Gold Support Number +1-844-443-3244.

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